Adachi Financial Services performs after-the-fact bookkeeping services for small business entities. Our book keeping services USA range from basic to premium-plus transactions prepared on a monthly basis with a high degree of accuracy resulting in quality and professionally looking financial statements.

Whether your business is in the planning stage, startup stage, or already in full operation, our firm’s bookkeeping services are designed to provide timely and accurate financial information to our clients. Listed below are the various bookkeeping services our firm provides:
Accounting software setup & deployment for startup businesses
General ledger & chart of accounts creation
Monthly Financial statement preparation (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet)
Computerized Bookkeeping (Monthly/Quarterly/Annually)
Account analysis
Transaction summary
Bank reconciliations
Accounts payable tracking & bill payment
Accounts receivable—customer invoice billing
Sales tax reporting setup
Lists are not all-inclusive. Please call our service representatives to inquire about a particular service not currently listed above.

Pricing Information:
There is a one time initial setup fee of $295.95. Then based on the number of accounting transactions prepared each month, the monthly fees are as follow:

Basic Bookkeeping->$65.95 per month: Includes up to 30 monthly accounting transactions.

Standard Bookkeeping->$95.95 per month: Includes monthly accounting transactions between 31 to 50.

Premium Bookkeeping->$125.95 per month: Includes monthly accounting transactions between 51 to 77.

Premium-Plus Bookkeeping->195.95 per month: Includes monthly accounting transactions between 78 to 150.

All monthly accounting transactions over 150, please call for a special price quote\

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