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Pay More Attention to Indirect Taxes

Top 3 Reasons to Pay More Attention to Indirect Taxes in 2019

We all are familiar with the popularity of the indirect tax that has become increasingly appealing to governments from the last few decades. In today’s world where technological innovations booms every industry and it continues developing to keep pace with global tax reform, shifting trade patterns and policies, and new governmental priorities for health and the environment. Businesses need to focus — this tax has staying power.

Here we are going to discuss the top three reasons for paying more attention to indirect taxes in 2019. Have a look!

  • Reason # 1: The Growing Importance of Indirect Taxes

In spite of the fact that the world tends to focus on direct taxes like corporate income tax, destination-based indirect taxes are being utilized increasingly more to generate additional revenue.


Indirect Tax


Value-added tax which is also known as VAT, and general sales tax customs which is also famous with the name of GST and excise duties can make up the greater part of the tax revenue many governments raise.

Dealing with the impacts of indirect taxes on business execution requires both an understanding of the developing worldwide trends and a clear strategy, however, the speed and scale at which nations around the globe are declaring changes to their indirect tax systems is giving even the greatest and best-resourced organizations a genuine cerebral pain.

  • Reason # 2: Extra Taxation of the Digital Economy

The most effective method to gather the right VAT/GST with regards to the modern supply chains, cross-border trade, and the Internet stays vague. As online commercial centers and intermediaries are progressively being considered together in charge of the VAT/GST due on exchanges on their stages, organizations should have the capacity to track their customers’ sales or risk getting caught out.


Tax Economy


  • Reason # 3: Increased Emphasis on VAT/GST Compliance and Reporting

There is no doubt that the speed and extent of business advancement have uncovered glaring holes in some VAT/GST systems that governments are desperately trying to close. Moreover, these systems are susceptible to instances of fraud, owing to the fact that suppliers are in a position to collect tax from clients and then disappear without delivering the customers’ tax to the relevant authorities. As a result, many governments throughout the whole world are taking unilateral administrative measures to assert greater control over their national VAT/GST systems, while exchanging information more often between governments.

All of these reasons are sufficient to pay more attention to indirect taxes in 2019. So don’t take it lightly and read every single aspect of the indirect taxes very carefully!!!

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