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We specialize in bookkeeping, tax and compliance management as well as corporate charter. For each of these fields, we have passionate in-house experts, who work tirelessly to stay on the cutting edge. We approach every problem from multiple angles.

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Common Questions

How Soon Can I get my tax refund money at Adachi Financial Services?

Generally, when you file your taxes at an Adachi Financial Center your return will be electronically filed, therefore you will receive your refund within 14-21 days after filing. However, you can speed up the return process by having your refund direct deposited.

What does Adachi Financial charge for tax preparation?

At Adachi Financial Services, we have dedicated our commitments to providing quality customer service. The tax preparation pricing is generally based upon the complexity of the return plus the number of forms that need to be filed. Call or come to us today for a free estimate of your tax return.

What tax documentation will my Adachi Financial Tax preparer need?

  • Personal Identification
  • Employment and Income Information
  • Homeowner and Renter Information
  • Expense Information
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